Nuria Rodriguez

I am Nuria Rodriguez, a registered nutritional therapist and health coach based in London (UK) and practicing worldwide online. She passionately believes in the power of food and lifestyle to support health and well-being.

Her practice is based on the principles of Functional Nutrition which aim to address the root causes of the problems that may result from nutritional imbalances, instead of just the symptoms.

Since qualified at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London, Nuria has attended numerous seminars and specialised training including the AFMCP-UK – Graduate programme from The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Nuria uses science and evidence-based methods for assessing her client’s health and informing the solutions she provides. She works with her clients to create a realistic personalised and optimal nutrition and lifestyle programme that supports their health by achieving nutritional balance. She works with natural and whole foods rich in nutrients and if needed, she recommends vitamins, minerals, food supplements and/or botanicals to enhance the effect of the natural foods.

Nuria has worked with people with a wide range of health challenges including digestive problems, energy issues, chronic conditions, hormone imbalance and weight management. After her own transformational menopausal experience, her passion is to help women to thrive during menopause and help them to feel lighter, healthier and more energised to live the life they want.

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