Laura Camacho

I am Laura and I am Danish and Colombian. I grew up with diplomat parents, moving countries every few years, so I learned the importance of feeling rooted and grounded within myself.

I love to dance salsa and bachata. The music fills me with joy and life and the partnered element of dancing reminds me to surrender to life – trust and let myself be guided. We are here to co-create with life, while holding ourselves with grace and sovereignty. I’m not particularly good, but as a perfectionist in recovery, it’s a perfect way to practice doing my best, connecting with others as well as connecting with my body, innocence and play. I also love to read, country music, being near water and the sound of rain.

Currently, I live between Spain and Denmark and I love my job as a psychologist and being able to work with clients all around the world. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Well, except if Pixar offered me a job a voiceover actress – that is a secret-not-so-secret dream of mine.

Clinical Psychologist – Masters from University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Bachelor in Psychology – University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Bachelor of Science (Honors) – University of Glasgow, Scotland
Life Coach – Coaches Training Institute, London, UK

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