Nicolas Towers Wilson

Although raised in Spain, Nico was born in Argentina. His family is originally British so he is fluent in both Spanish and English. He is a Business Administration graduate and has an MBA. He’s always had a keen interest in the way businesses work and has had roles in different areas of companies, such as finance, logistics, procurement and product management. Although it is where he started, in the field of finance, that he is most comfortable and where he feels he can contribute most value. 

His main role in Montgó Lifestyle is to be in charge of the financial and economic aspects, allowing Rogier and Tania to focus their energy on what is of most value to them: our patients. 

Although he is passionate about his work and can be absorbed by it when working with figures (and could almost consider Excel sheets as a hobby more than work) he believes in balance as the cornerstone of well-being. So when he is not working, he enjoys getting away from computer screens and going for a hike or a run in the mountains, a swim in the sea or just sweats it out in a crossfit session. He is also an avid reader and not ashamed to say a bit of a nerd too: he will enjoy a good documentary just as much as Game Of Thrones. Although it is when enjoying time with family on a Sunday barbeque or friends for a coffee that he feels most replenished.

As the local member of the team, please feel free to ask him if you may need any help with any translation, an errand, or just want to practice your Spanish.

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